Future Series - Future Of Power, Borders, Economies And People

In part 8 of my Future Series, I share my views on the future of power, borders, economies and people

Future Series - Future Of Power, Borders, Economies And People

By Hilda Lunderstedt, 20 November 2017


This is the last blog of my Future Series, where I have shared what I believe the future will look like. The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts and to let you think about what the world will look like in the future. In the last 1000 years, people of the planet were controlled. Through their rulers, their confined borders, what they are allowed to know, their access to knowledge and through money. I believe that people do not want to be controlled anymore and all the old-world rules will be challenged and will change over time. We are living in the most turbulent times of change and challenge and we will see a new world emerge co-created by each of its inhabitants, not only the powerful and wealthy.


The future will change for Rulers and Power, Borders, Economies and People:


Rulers and Power


How will rulers and people in power rule a world that is completely connected for the first time in its history? A world where every person in a country has access to the same information as the person in power and where nothing is hidden or happens behind closed doors or is ignored, but rather everything is now in the worlds’ eye. We currently see how secrets from the past and people abusing their position of power, are exposed. In the centuries before, rulers often came to power through force and stayed there by instilling fear and controlling the minds and information of the people they were ruling. In a few places this might still be the case. What will modern rulers and leaders do, how will they lead when they cannot control the minds and lives of their countrymen anymore? 

Technology will pretty much make governments obsolete and as the peer-to-peer economy grows, we will need governments less and less. I fear that those in power will find this very threatening and, in the short term at least, I believe that there will be an attempt to regain power and control through more laws and creating segregation in communities. They will get away with this for a period and then people will decide how they want to be ruled and if they want to be ruled.



This leads me to borders, that again were created to keep people confined to a certain country and to control the people within a specific country. It is predicted that the migration of people over borders will lead to the biggest shift in our borders as we know it. In the next 7 years statistics predict that 18 people per second will be displaced or migrate due to war, climate change and lack of food and water. How will this impact what we currently see in massive economies that are breaking down into smaller ones, like what is happening with Brexit, the UK’s possible disintegration and Spain/Catalonia. People are speaking and what they say is that they want change. They want a different way of being ruled and they want to create new borders and in some instances, break down borders.



Many economies will collapse, and some will rise to be free. How that will look I am not sure yet. In the next 5 – 10 years, as powers break down and new borders emerge, I believe we will see the fall of major industries and powerful businesses (I discussed this in a previous blog). What will arise is a connected world where not one person or a few persons hold the power and make the rules, but rather economies co-created and shared by all. Many will fear this new way and will cling and fight to hold on to the old way, but they will not be able to do so for long.



People will find new meaning and purpose for their lives, that is not dependent on the job they do, but rather the contribution they make to humanity. It is now possible for every person to become part of solving the greatest problems on the planet (something unheard of before). A fulfilled life will look very different, for the younger generations, than what it looked like for the previous ones. As the value of money disappears, people will not work for money anymore. Universal Basic Income (UBI) models are being tested in some countries with unexpected and surprising outcomes and as it is rolled out all over the world, poverty will be eradicated and we will see people emerge to do amazing things once again. People will adapt, they always have. It is just in the crazy few years ahead that we need to ensure we focus on the important things in our life.


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