Build Your Life Of Purpose

If significance is the secret to happiness, then these are the building blocks to significance

Build Your Life Of Purpose

By Hilda Lunderstedt, 29 August 2017


"We should not fear failure, but rather fear achieving success at something that doesn't matter." was something said by a speaker at a conference I recently attended and it touched me tremendously. How many people are chasing success, only to find out that they have no fulfillment in their lives, that something is lacking and that lack is significance. Not creating something that is significant to you, will see you trying to fill a void with things that do not matter in the long run.


If you think that you are just a person, and that you cannot create major significance, think again. There are so many problems in the world, that the United Nations have categorized it under their 17 Global Grand Challenges, that need immediate action to improve the lives of others. The aim is to get everyone on the planet involved in helping others and the best is, with so many problems, you can choose something that is close to your heart and work with others to make a contribution. As Peter Diamandis says, "We are living in the most extraordinary times, times where anyone can play a role to make a difference to the lives of others. Using technology that is growing exponentially, you can impact the lives of millions, even billions of people, and be part of solving the world's biggest problems."


This leads me to the topic of creating a fulfilled and happy life. A subject I have a done a lot of reading and studying on. With my interest in how to create a life lived happily, what creates happiness and why so many people are so unhappy amidst all the wonderful things we have.


What I have learned is that the human brain is not designed to be happy. It is designed to help us survive. And it does that by pointing out all the dangerous things around us, the things that can go wrong and where we can possibly get hurt. It this is the brain's job, then it is doing an excellent job, but the problem is that it leaves us not feeling very happy at the end of the day. Happiness therefore is not something our brains can or will create, it is something we achieve through other means. The things that make us experience happiness, is doing things for others. We cannot feel fear or be scared when our focus is helping others. The major contributor to happiness is creating significance and a life that matters. When we feel our lives matter, we will feel happy. In order to create significance, or the feeling of significance, we have to do all of the following; spending time doing things we love, but also creating excellence and mastery in the things we love, in order to receive rewards, including financial ones. When we create a life whereby we mastered a skill at something we love, we use this skill to give back to others and make a contribution to a better world, we will feel our life matters and is significant and we will experience contentment and happiness. We should do all these things and not just some of them.


In today's extraordinary times, we are so lucky that we can collaborate with others, sharing our passion, to make any contribution we want. The days where we purely do things for money, spending years and years working for, or chasing money, as opposed to spending our time becoming great at something we love, are over. We live in times where we have to care, and create a business that cares about people or making an impact on the planet or the people on the planet, no matter how small. This is what living your Best Life is about.


Although not everyone will be founders of their own company, everyone can join others or companies and help create solutions through their contributions to make a difference.


Those fortunate enough to found and build successful businesses, have the responsibility to create a business that solves the grand challenges the world is facing and make the world a better place for all. Founders of businesses are special kinds of people, that also give those who joined their journey, the opportunity to contribute to the planet through their businesses. Does it get any better than that?


Everyone, no matter from what walk of life, wants the same thing. That thing is that we wish to create a better life for ourselves and our loved ones. We most often cannot do that on our own and need others to help us; at the same time, we also need to help others.


If you are still unsure of what you're passionate about or where you can make a difference, I would suggest that you read up on the UN 17 Global Challenges and decide what and where it is that you and company can get involved in. Set out to create those solutions, even if it means changing your company's strategy to move from being a bystander of the suffering of others, to a contributor of the solutions to alleviate the suffering of others.


If significance is the secret to happiness, then these are the building blocks to significance.


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