8 Habits Of Effectiveness

In order to achieve success in business and in life, you need to learn how to be effective at what you do, and these 8 habits will help you.

8 Habits Of Effectiveness

By Hilda Lunderstedt, 03 July 2017


Every day every one of us has loads of tasks ranging from the big to the small, that demands our time, attention, energy and brain capacity. You can use your time doing things that matter or you can use it doing things. The difference between effective individuals and those that aren't, is the difference in what they do with their time. If you want to succeed in your business and your life, be cognisant of how you spend your time. Know where and what your time wasters are and avoid these as far as you possibly can.


Famous time-wasters are spending time on social media, constant messages interrupting your progress, meetings and emails. Most successful people limit these in their daily activities. In an interesting article I recently read, it stated that the difference between the most successful people and the rest is that they plan their days in minutes, not hours. The more protective of your time, and that means not wasting your time, you are, the more you will get done in every day. The more you do things effectively, the less overtime you will have and the more time you will have for doing the things that you would love to do. Effective people do things once, while the rest will have the same piece of paper crossing their desk multiple times, without finalising or actioning it.


Here are my 8 habits to be effective:


1. Have a clear goal - your own, your company or your team's

Having clarity on goals, whether your own or that of your company or team, will give you clarity on the bigger picture or the ultimate reason why things need to get done, by when it needs to be done and it gives you the opportunity to figure out the smaller steps required to move forward towards success and meaningful contribution.

2. Align all tasks to this goal

Once you have the goal, everything you do as a business person should be to move you forward towards achieving your goal. If it does not, it simply is a waste of time. Time wasted is time gone forever. Know why you do everything you do and continuously ensure you haven't gone off track and that your tasks and decisions remain in line with your goals.

 3. Do the one thing that is most important to get closer to your goal - today

Have one (maximum 3) things that MUST be done in a day. If you plan too much, you might get overwhelmed and discouraged when you do not achieve the important things. If you are fortunate enough to have finished with the items on your list, then fit in more things as time allows. This gives you flexibility in a world where the unforeseen always happens, but also ensures the most important things get done.

 4. Shorten your to-do lists and cut out what is unnecessary

Long to-do lists are one of the things that will certainly lead to feelings of stress and being overwhelmed. Cut out the "to-do" list and replace it with a daily schedule, where you know what you plan is achievable. Combine related items together and group similar activities on different days of the week. For example, have a specific day where the focus and "to-do's" for that day is speaking to people, making appointments etc. and on another day schedule to-do's related to problem solving activities and so every day has a specific area you focus on and by focusing on fewer, but similar activities in one day, you will get more done over the long term.

5. Focus on what matters

If it doesn't matter, don't waste time on it. Simple.

6. Limit the time wasters

Limit time spent messaging, mailing and on social media. Plan your day to get your mails and messages a few times a day, and if possible, it's better to get someone to do it for you, so you can get on to grow your business.

7. Avoid energy suckers

Avoid drama, office politics, negative people or those sucking your time and energy at all costs. They will leave you drained and you will have to spend a lot of time getting yourself in a positive mind-set. It simply is not worth it.

8. Manage stress and feelings of being overwhelmed

Know what triggers feelings of stress in yourself and put measures in place to avoid it. There are usually noticeable red flags and they might be different for every one of us. When you notice what your red flags are, do something immediately ... go for a walk, meditate or whatever else works for you. You will be much more effective when your brain is clear and you can focus.


Use these 8 habits and start managing your time, business and life effectively.


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