Turning Doubt Into Doing

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will...  Learn how to take action and turn those doubts into doing.

Turning Doubt Into Doing

By Hilda Lunderstedt, 17 Apr 2017


All successful people have doubts and fears, but the characteristics that distinguish them from unsuccessful people is that they act despite of this.  Your mind-set can be your own stumbling block and sometimes the voice of doubt is overwhelming.  Successful people know that fear is a limitation set by their own minds, and they don’t let that stop them.  Don’t let your self-doubt, hurts, fears and past experiences paralyse you from Doing.  Successful people see opportunities and turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.  They understand that fear is merely a figment of the imagination that does not serve anyone.



Don’t listen to negative people, they will only contribute to your fear.  Their fear and self-doubt will become a hindrance when you want to move into your purpose.  It’s usually those who have never accomplished something that have the most to say.  They will have many reasons and excuses why you can’t live your best life, which can stall you.  Don’t let others dictate what you will accomplish.  Seek opinions from experts and those that have experience.  Surround yourself with positive successful people that will provide you with motivation to achieve your goals.



Empower yourself, you can only be your best once you have the necessary tools.  I find the best way to overcome fear is to understand the worst-case scenario, the best-case scenario and the most likely scenario.  In doing this, you are prepared for all eventualities and fear does not have to control your thoughts and thinking.  Find out enough information to assist you in your decision, but not too much that you are paralysed by indecision.  Pursue the information needed to accomplish your goals and educate yourself.  Develop your gut feeling through experiences and take the time to listen to your inner voice, let it be your guide.  Giving yourself 10 to 15 minutes of quiet time each day or even a couple of times a day, is essential in staying centred and emotionally nourished.



Very few visionaries are understood by other people and if you want to achieve great things, accept that most people will not understand you and that you will be misunderstood in many situations and decisions.  Although you have a management team and a board that might support you and in some instances, disapprove of your ideas it might become necessary to just make the decision and deal with the consequences.  Put a team together of the best possible people with special talents that can execute and make things happen.  A team with enough hunger within themselves to make things happen and to support you, even if they are unsure of your vision.  With a team of positive people who get things done, you will not have time for fear as you will be too busy achieving your goals.



Acknowledge your accomplishments.  Reflect!  A few times a year measure where you are and who you’ve become versus the you a few months ago, acknowledge your growth as well as identify areas for growth.  If you find yourself often in a state of fear, change your state through happy thoughts or thinking about things your grateful for.  As Tony Robbins explains, fear and gratitude cannot exist in the same body.  Once your fear has shifted move on to make positive decisions.


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