Being busy and being productive are two completely different things. In order to be productive, you need to know how to be effective. I share 5 things you need to be aware of, to be effective.

In a recent edition of Woman and Home magazine, I had the honour of helping two entrepreneurs with the most pressing questions they have in their respective businesses. By speaking to others around us, we find that it is by no means an isolated issue or question.  Most entrepreneurs want to know how to stand out from their competitors and how to grow fast (while still coping with their business).  This is my opinion and I hope it helps.

I am often approached by owners of both start-ups and growing businesses with questions.  I have noticed that often it is the same questions that everyone is struggling with.  I realised that most of us are trying to do our best for our business and life and often are in same position as others or have similar problems we are struggling with but we think we are the only ones grappling with the problem.