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Future Series - Future Of Power, Borders, Economies And People

In part 8 of my Future Series, I share my views on the future of power, borders, economies and people

Future Series - Future Of Raising Children

In part 7 of my Future Series, I touch on the future of how we raise our children

Future Series - The Future Is Entrepreneurs

In part 6 of my Future Series, I share my views on why entrepreneurs are the future

“I believe the structure of business, if done correctly, is the only way to make a major impact in the world and the lives of others”

Hilda is one of the selected few South African female entrepreneurs who achieved phenomenal success in starting, growing and selling a 9-figure company in less than 10 years. She has expanded her horizons into the international business and investment arena with interests, networks and collaborations on various continents.

Hilda has studied digital disruption in industries and now holds interests in disruptive technologies such as Fintech and in Real Estate. She believes to rather be the disruptor, than to be disrupted and assists organisations through this change on a strategic level. She engages in industries ready for disruption, with a keen interest on the medical and healthcare industry, that she believes is ready for disruption. The key is to unlearn old skills and relearn new skills to keep your value and that of your organisation relevant in this new world.

She is a devoted advocate and ambassador for women in the business arena and has a strong belief in the potential that lies within each and every woman to succeed. The time and the opportunities have never been better for women than right now. She believes that women should collaborate to create a business world suitable to the needs of women and the many roles they have.

“We should have conversations to create awareness. Awareness will assist in a new way of thinking, that will make a difference to how women will approach their lives, careers and businesses.”


Post start-up entrepreneurial businesses that will make an impact to the planet and its people, run by the right leadership teams.
It is not just about the idea; it is about who can make that idea come to life and turn it into a success.

Hilda provides strategic guidance and problem-solving skills in a masterful way, helping businesses grow through strategic collaborations and her relational capital.

Hilda and her team manage successful international investment funds and portfolios.
With their Diversified Portfolio strategy, the team is as important as the strategy.

Only investments that suit their criteria of strong leadership teams, great disruptive ideas and technologies, together with a strong consciousness that business is a force for good, will be chosen.




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